Warm Up

Click on Exercise for Video

Total Time 10-15 minutes

Also add some ball work and dribbling work to this 

warm up that your coaches have given to you.

(3 sets of 10-15 Each Leg)

Lunge w/ Twist

1 Legged Hinge/RDL

Jog in Place w/ Knee To Chest

Strength  2 sets of 20)

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Push Ups

Standing Hip Abduction

Bent Row

Hip Extension

Wide RDL's

Plank (Do on hands) 2 x .20


Plank w/ Hip Extension (Do on Hands not Elbows) 2 x .20

Please watch video for an overview of weeks 1 and 2.  

Also if you have more specific or individual needs or have access to more equipment please don't hesitate to reach out to Josh, John, or Katie for our 10 day at home program.  Our coaches can talk to you more about that option.  We can be reached at:


Power Work 5 sets of 6 Reps

Click on Exercise for Video

Vertical Jump 

Quick Get Ups

Standing Broad Jumps

Shuffle w/ COD (Do 6 reps each side for a total of 12 reps

Stretches Post Workout (Hold each Stretch for .30)

Click on Stretch for Video

Calf Stretch

Lat Stretch

Seated Hip Stretch

Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch

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