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READY(ness), SET, GO!

Layers of Readiness and Direction:

I believe our body is telling a story every day. This story is told in the various forms of readiness that is read via technology, physical output, mental perception, and human interaction.

- Technology will often give us a deep insight to what is going on inside our bodies that we may not even be aware of.

- Physical output allows us to measure the forces our bodies are producing on a daily basis.

- How we are speaking to ourselves and the messages we allow our bodies to receive show how mental perception is impacting our stories.

- Our interactions via language, body language, action, as well as in-action allow us to take a deeper look into our stories/readiness as well.

All of these forms of readiness as well as others lead us to a state of being in that present moment or day. To ignore that our readiness is impacted daily by so many factors would be cheating ourselves at so many levels especially human performance.

I will be taking part in a strength journey that will conclude at USS Strongman Competition 242 weight class in January. As well as when I qualify USS Nationals in June/July 2019. I will measure Readiness and let that guide the intensity of my periodization. I look forward to logging this journey. Below is an example of a workout.

Readiness Measurements:

HRV = Green

Will Result in HI Day relating to M.

Concentric Emphasis not performing optimally


After Dead Safety Squats (Concentric Emphasis) I moved onto. Assisted DL’s then Tire Flips all this in a goal to improve upon the concentric emphasis of the lower body.

Result: Measuring Readiness with HRV as well as the kBox I was able to indicate I what force to focus on. I believe this will make me a more complete athlete. My goal will always be to create forces in the necessary planes or help my body deal with the forces that I create in the necessary planes. Stay tuned. #mylifewithTELEO

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