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1 Week Away.......

After 30 years of combined experience in Physical Therapy and Personal Training Lisa LaMolinare and myself along with the help of some great people will bring to market a revolutionary fitness application that will have the same principles that have improved the quality of life for so many individuals. TELEO will train you and it will use your body, your goals, and your readiness to determine everything. TELEO will be with you every step of your fitness journey. TELEO will work to establish true change in your life with one goal in mind and that is to meet and even exceed what you thought was possible in Health and Wellness. TELEO will teach you that you can look and feel amazing while working out. TELEO will teach you how to look at your body and exercise specifically to move and feel better.  TELEO will listen to your body and let you know when to push yourself, when to back off a little bit, and even when to not workout at all and focus on recovery and regeneration. Stay tuned and visit the Apple App Store or the Android Market Place to start your free trial today and begin your life with TELEO. 

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