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TELEO Performance Beginning of Week 2 Closing Update

TELEO Family,

I first want to say that I truly miss everyone! I hope that everyone is well and safe. We are into the beginning of week #2 of being closed so I wanted to touch base with everyone.

Secondly I want to say THANK YOU! to everyone for their support during this time. The emails, texts, and acts of kindness truly show what this community is all about and defines the TELEO Family. Please know that those gestures and acts will never be forgotten.

Our wellness support group leader Rachael French sent some resources to pass along to everyone during this time. I can't thank Rachael enough for her expertise and willingness to help during this time. These resources are at the bottom of this blog post.. The 2nd resource is a PDF and I can send along in an email at your request.

During this time we are updating the facility. We have and will continue to clean the facility. We have re-painted and will be adding some upgrades to the downstairs bathroom. We have also added another lifting platform. We look forward to opening back up and being stronger than when this whole thing started.

Refleksiv classes will continue to be held virtually by Heather. The next scheduled class is Thursday at 6am. These classes will be added to the Mind Body site and can be signed on there and also on our website under the Refleksiv tab.

I hope everyone is getting a chance to move as well. We have provided Group Training via our website and are in week 2 of that program.

Our other option as it relates to moving has been the 10 day at home training programs. Again I can't say thank you enough for the overwhelming support of this program as well!

This option can be taken advantage of by reaching out to your trainer for details.

Jeff Lippert

Josh Koenig

Adrienne Innocenti

Katie Kaufmann

If anyone is in need of anything please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to when this is over and seeing everyone again! Take care, Stay Safe, and Well!

Wellness Resource #1

Things to do while at home to help structure your day and use your energy in productive ways

  • Check-in with friends via phone, text, social media, video

  • Write a card or letter to a friend or family member

  • Write an email or send a letter/card to the elderly who cannot have visitors

  • Paint

  • Color

  • Build an etsy shop

  • Zoom group gatherings

  • Feed the birds

  • Read

  • Tend to plants

  • Plant seeds

  • Origami

  • Teach your pet a trick

  • Spend time with your pet

  • Go for a walk

  • Listen to music

  • Play an instrument

  • Dust

  • Mop

  • Hike

  • Laundry

  • Go fishing

  • Make fishing lures

  • Prepare for a permit test

  • Go driving for drivers license hours

  • Partake in museum online tours

  • Watch Zoo footage

  • Watch live musicals online

  • Paint your nails

  • Cook

  • Bake

  • Take extra time for your skin care

  • Take a long bath or shower

  • Rubber stamp

  • Knit/crochet

  • Go through clothes

  • Paint a room

  • Move your furniture around

  • Scrapbook

  • Make something on shutterfly

  • Download a language app

  • Play board games

  • Play cards

  • Mahjong

  • Solitaire

  • Repurpose items

  • Shrinky dinks

  • Plastic bag rugs/mats

  • Journal

  • Make a bird feeder

  • Watch movies

  • Track your steps

  • Get up and get ready every day

  • Read topics you want to learn about for mental health like self-care, assertiveness, boundaries

  • Khan Academy

  • Take a course online through Lynda or Coursera

  • Use your public library website

  • Legos

  • Sew

  • Meditate

  • Yoga

  • Workout

  • Mindfulness activities

  • Sit in the sun

  • Play in the rain

  • Sculpt

  • Listen and watch birds

Resource #2:

This is a PDF and I can't add it to this blog if you would like a copy please reach me at:

I will send it along.

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