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TELEO Performance Group Training Weeks 7 and 8

Conditioning at beginning of workout:

(Frequency 2 x per week for 2 weeks)

Pick any modality that is safe and go 1:30 hard and go easy for 1:30 for example (run 1:30 then walk for 1:30 or if you are using HR recover to 60% if you don't know your 60% please let me know)- Do this for a total of 32 minutes

Warm Up:

Hamstring Stretch - Hold each stretch for .30 x 3

Hip Stretch for .30 x 3

Lat Stretch .30 x 3

Standing Hip Abduction 20 Reps x 4

Dead Bugs - 4 sets of 20

Strength Movements (You can add a weight to any of these movements)

Doorway Row - 4 x 20

Single Leg Hinge Unloaded Away from wall - 4 x 20 each leg

Reverse Lunge Walks 4 x 20 Total (20 each leg)

Push Ups x 15 x 3 sets

Get Ups x 10 x 4 sets

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We also offer 10 day at home programs and you can reach out to myself or your trainer for details about that. Thank you and let's keep moving together!!!


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