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Monkey Bars and Fanny Packs....

Week 2 of training based on Readiness and Auto-Regulating my Periodization. I didn't do any Lower body other than walk/jog after upper body due to a Spartan Race on Saturday.

Upper Body and Walk / Jog (2 Miles):

Upper Body and Walk / Jog 2miles

This showed that my readiness would be ready for light activity within 26 hours of this activity. I followed this to a "T" with foam rolling on Wednesday, Dynamic Lower Body on Thursday that involved kBox with an emphasis on speed and BW training with an emphasis on the A in ( F=MA).

The race was fun and very challenging for me. This is my 3rd OCR and by far the hardest! My main goal was to finish the monkey bars which...... I DID!

The result of my race on my body was:

The Result of Planning for this from a recovery and training standpoint, Eating Correctly and Resting Post Race Was:

I learned a lot in this race. I am deathly afraid of heights and almost did complete 1 obstacle that was high in the air. I put my head down and kept going. I gained a new respect for Regina Stump who works at TELEO Performance and won the woman's race! Also for Tony Serkis who is an athlete who trains at TELEO Performance and last year couldn't do a Pull Up and completed every obstacle on this course and may or may have not qualified for the Spartan World Championship! I also gained a new respect for Heather who crushed the rings.... which were very challenging only to follow completing this race up with also completing the Army challenge in .54 seconds. The top time all day was .40.

Also for all those doubters out there and non believers in the function of fanny packs! I went to the mall to have dinner with my family after the race and low and behold in the front of a store was two manicans with Jordan fanny packs! I'm just what they say fashion forward!!! Now onto meal prep and lifting somewhat heavy things!!! Thanks for reading!

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